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Santa Fe Hawken .50 cal, 30" Octagon Barrel

Known as the mountain man's gun, the rugged Hawken rifle was the choice of many trappers, Santa Fe traders, and other hardy adventurers who ventured across the wide Missouri. The inherent weaknesses of the slender, smaller caliber Kentucky rifles revealed the need for a more powerful arm to shoot bigger and more dangerous western game, as well as a shorter, sturdier rifle to use on horseback. Heavy, large-bored, muzzleloaders were produced by many makers, mostly around St. Louis, Missouri, where the style was originated by gunsmiths Jacob and Samuel Hawken. Produced from the early 1800s through the 1870s, the Hawken plains rifle was the best known of the breed. Hawken customers included such frontier luminaries as Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, John "Liver Eating" Johnston, Mariano Modena, the "Pathfinder" John C. Fremont and William F. Cody. Cimarron proudly offers one of the finest made muzzleloading rifles on the market today. Our .50 caliber Santa Fe Hawken wears a color case hardened lock and hammer, a fancy maple stock, a custom, shallow groove, fast 1 in 24-inch twist rifling, and a 30-inch, browned octagon, Sharps-style barrel with a buckhorn rear and a German silver blade front sight. Armed with a Cimarron Santa Fe Hawken, you'll be the pride of the rendezvous!
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