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1889 Double Barrel Shotgun 12 ga. 22"

By the 1880s, shotguns with internal hammers began to appear in the firearms marketplace, and rather than to have to cock the hammers manually, the internal hammers were automatically cocked when the barrels were brought to the closed position, and a sliding safety, mounted on the gun's top tang was added to the gun. Sleek and smooth handling, these so-called "hammerless" scatterguns quickly overshadowed the older exposed hammer smoothbores, offering faster firing--an important factor in the lethal shootouts that occurred in the latter part of the Wild West era, as well as in Cowboy Action and Cowboy Mounted Shooting competitions today! Although the automatic cocking of the hammers when the shotgun is closed allowed for the guns to be carried safely while loaded in the Old West--this practice is frowned upon today! Except for the moment you fire your double-barreled shotgun, it should be carried with the barrels broken open and unloaded. Cimarron's 1889 models are offered in either 12 gauge or .410 bore size, in 18-inch, 20-inch or 22-inch, round side by side, blued barrels, and can be had with either a broad fore-end or the splinter-style fore-end. Equipped with a thick and comfortable black butt pad--with or without a white line spacer--our single trigger 1889 model is quickly becoming a favorite with today's Cowboy Sport shooters and other shotgun fans.
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