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1872 Open Top Navy .38Colt/Special, 4 3/4"

1872 Open Top Navy .38Colt/Special, 4 3/4
Like the Open Top Army model, Cimarron's 1872 Open Top Navy has been accurately reproduced in every detail from an original arm in our antique collection, right down to the 1851 Navy-sized grips, just like the early-production 19th century Open Tops. Further, this quality replica is chambered for the .38 Colt/Special cartridges for those who prefer a lighter caliber sixgun, and can be obtained in Standard Blue and color case hardened finish in either the original style 7 1/2-inch round barrel or in shorter barrel lengths of 4 3/4 inches or 5 1/2 inches. For those wanting more powerful loadings, the Open Top Navy is also chambered for the frontier favorites of .45 Colt/Schofield, .44 Colt/Russian, and the .44 S&W Special/Colt/Russian combo, and it comes in the Standard Blue and color case hardened finish and the 1851 Navy-sized walnut grips. The Open Top Navy model is a spitting image of the originals and is ideal for those who prefer the '51 Navy's grip size.
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