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New Sheriff Model .45 LC, 3 1/2"

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One of Cimarron's Model P variations is their unique New Sheriff. This compact single action is like the standard barrel-length Model Ps in every way, except the New Sheriff sports a short 3 12/-inch barrel--with an ejector rod and housing. This is the shortest barrel length that will allow the use of the attached ejector. Just the right size to drop into your frock coat or duster pocket, and mighty handy for Cowboy Mounted Shooting, the New Sheriff is reminiscent of those short-barreled peacemakers turned out in the 19th century and carried by lawmen, kept under the counter by storekeepers and other folks who wanted to keep a powerful sixgun close by, but out of sight. This popular configuration was the result of collaboration between Mike B. Harvey and Aldo Uberti resulting in an improved version of the original Colt Sheriff’s Model. Cimarron's New Sheriff, when ordered with their Cowboy Comp® action eliminates weaknesses associated with the 19th century design. It is chambered for either the .45 Colt, .44-40, or the .38 Special/.357 Magnum cartridges. It's available in the Standard Blue finish with a color case hardened frame and hammer, and a handsome one-piece walnut stock. You don't have to show no stinkin' badge when your totin' Cimarron's New Sheriff!
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