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N.W.M.P. Carbine 45-75, 22" Round Barrel

Famous for always getting their man, the North West Mounted Police were hard men enforcing law and order in the rugged far-flung provinces of the Canadian frontier. The authority of the "Mounties" was stringently upheld through dedication, courage and the rugged 1876 NWMP carbine in the powerful .45-75 caliber! Between 1878 and 1885, the Canadian Government purchased 1,611, Centennial Model carbines, with 1,261 of these being issued to the North West Mounted Police. These handsome, full-stocked carbines remained in service with this world famous police force until 1914, when they were eventually phased out for more modern arms. During their time in service the Mounties relied on their '76s to crush the North West Rebellion of 1885, protect the Canadian borders during the Yukon Gold Rush of 1898, and keep the peace for the duration of the Alaska Boundary Dispute at the beginning of the 20th century. Although scarce original NWMP 1876 carbines command top prices with collectors, you can have an affordable, spitting image copy, inspired by an original 1876 model in the Cimarron antique collection. This legendary firearm is produced in every detail, with the full blue finish--and in the original .45-75 caliber, with the proper NWMP stamping in the stock! Another great historical replica created by Cimarron Arms!
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