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Model P Jr. Black Stallion Dual Cylinder .22 LR/.22 Mag, 4 3/4 in.

An 1873 single-action style revolver like the Model P Jr., except this slick looking six-shooter wears an all-black finish, giving it a "meant for business" look and sports a handsome brass back strap and trigger guard. This 4 3/4-inch barreled revolver, with its handsome walnut stock, sporting the attractive Cimarron galloping cowboy gilt logo inlaid into the stock, comes with dual cylinders to handle the .22 Long Rifle round (with fluted cylinder) or the .22 Magnum rimfire ammunition (with unfluted cylinder). Here's an authentic-looking Old West-style sixgun that looks just like the big-bore frontier shootin' irons, yet you can afford to shoot Cimarron's Black Stallion all day long!
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