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Model P Jr. .38 Special, 5 1/2 in.

Designed by Cimarron's founder and President Mike B. Harvey, and made in the style of the classic 1873 peacemaker-type single-action revolver, our Model P Jr. offers not only the looks, but the heft, feel and handling characteristics of that famed frontier sixgun. Finished in Standard Blue and color case hardening, with a handsome, straight-grained, one-piece walnut stock, the Model P Jr. is further dressed up with Cimarron's gilt-colored, galloping horse and cowboy metal logo, much like the 1873 sixguns of the early 20th century were decorated, inlaid in the stock. This slick smokewagon is offered in the smooth handling 3 1/2-inch, 4 3/4-inch, or 5 1/2-inch barrel lengths, in your choice of .38 Special, or .32-20/.32 H&R Magnum, each with a blued back strap, or in the .22 Long Rifle chambering with a brass back strap. The .32-20/.32 H&R is offered as a dual cylinder combo. Cimarron's Model P Jr. is perfect serious competition or just plain fun plinking!
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