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Model 71 Premium 24" Round 45-70

Model 71 Premium 24
With the discontinuance of Winchester's famed 1886 model, in 1935 the company created one of the classic of 20th century big-game rifles by modifying the old '86 into the Model 71. Made in half magazine configuration with a pistol grip stock, this Browning-designed, 5-shot lever-action quickly became the rifle of choice and was very effective against any North American big game--including Canada and Alaska. This handsome rifle has been faithfully reproduced for Cimarron by Davide Pedersoli and has been reintroduced to hunters and sport shooters alike. Offered in its original .348 Winchester chambering or in the powerful .45-70 round, this rifle has already proven itself in the African bush as well as in North America! Offered in three models, the Classic, with its 24-inch blued barrel and frame, and straight grained, hand checkered walnut stock and forearm; the Premium, also wearing a 24-inch blued barrel, but with a deluxe pistol gripped and hand checkered walnut stock and forearm and a beautiful color case hardened frame; or the Hogzilla Killa, sporting a 19-inch blued barrel and frame, with a straight grained, pistol gripped, hand checkered walnut stock and forearm. Each model also features a thick rubber recoil pad, traditional rear sights or optional receiver peep sight and modern front sights and fitted for sling swivels. For those who appreciate blued steel and fine wood firearms, Cimarron's replica Model 71 is on its way to becoming a modern-day classic!
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