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Model 1890 .44 WCF, 5 1/2"

With only 2,020 produced, the 1890 Remington revolver signaled the last of Remington's bid in the revolver market. Today, this handsome sixgun is a desirable, but difficult to find, very collectible firearm. Basically an 1875 model with a cutaway web under the barrel and a circular swivel/lanyard ring in the butt strap, the 1890 Remington was produced only for a few years (1891-1896) and was offered with 5 1/2-inch and 7 1/2-inch barrels. Among the 1890 model's users was sharpshooter Peter Bogardus, son of Capt. Adam Bogardus, who both toured with the Buffalo Bill Wild West show. Interestingly, while John Wayne's J.B. Books' character packed 1873 peacemaker single actions in his 1976 Western The Shootist, in the original Glendon Swarthout novel, and in the sequel, The Last Shootist, written by Glendon's son, Miles Swarthout, Books relies on a pair of 1890 Remingtons! This scarce six-shooter has been faithfully reproduced by Uberti for Cimarron and unlike the original 1890 Remington, which could only be had in .44-40 chambering, our clone is offered in Standard Blue in a choice of .38 Special/.357 Magnum, .44-40, or .45 Colt, and in both the 5 1/2 and 7 1/2-inch barrel lengths. As J.B. Books might say, Cimarron's 1890 model may just "suit your pistol!"
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