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Model 1885

Model 1885

“The 1885 High Wall is no doubt stronger than the Sharps rifle, better designed, made of better materials and is of better appearance than that famous arm... All these rifles proved very accurate and reliable in every way.”
- Major Ned Roberts, author - The Breech Loading Single Shot Rifle

The above testimony by the foremost expert in the field of single shot rifles says something for the design of this rifle. It is used exclusively where accuracy is demanded. Be it long range competition, Wild West shooting exhibitions (Pawnee Bill was a High Wall shooter) or sport hunting, John Browning’s High Wall design was then and is once again king of the range... The Cimarron High Wall is available with sporting model single or double set triggers. Walnut stocks are either straight or hand checkered pistol grip style.

Cimarron’s High Wall receiver is of the more stylish “Thin Side” class, while our Low Wall is the “Thick Side” version. It features a hand checkered walnut stock, single or double set trigger. The receiver is case hardened. The Cimarron High Wall and Low Wall appeared in 1995. It is made with the finest state of the art CNC machinery from the best gun steels available. Whether you choose the High Wall or Low Wall design, you are purchasing the finest replica of John Browning’s single shot work of art.