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1851 Richards-Mason® .38 Special., 7 1/2" CSA BATTLE FLAG INLAY

1851 Richards-Mason®  .38 Special., 7 1/2
The American Civil War was one of the darkest times in our country’s history. It was fought on both sides by honorable men of the United States of America and the seceded Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865. The War profoundly shaped our cultural and political landscape forever. Cimarron Firearms pays tribute to this turbulent but important time in America’s history by producing The Blue and The Gray series. Each revolver in this limited series will include a certificate of authenticity bearing the Model, serial number and number produced within the series, making it a true collectors item. This Cimarron revolver is a detailed replica of those originally used by officers and soldiers during the Civil War. For those who prefer a cartridge firing revolver the percussion model is converted at the factory to center fire. The flag inlay was hand carved from a block of micarta knife handle material by legendary grip carver and maker, Paul Persinger of El Paso, Texas. Our jeweler here in Fredericksburg, Champe Jennings made a mold from the carving and casts the inlays from pure silver.
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