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Boker Tree Knives

The famous knives with the world-renowned tree-brand have been handmade in Solingen since 1869. Since the foundation, no knife has left our manufactory without this sign of quality. The long history of Boker has been affected by eventful times. But one thing has always been the same in more than 145 years: Our passion and enthusiasm for extraordinary Knives. Today Boker is renowned all over the world as manufacturer and supplier of an unmatched variety of blade and handle materials and biggest manufacturer in Europe for Sport Knives, Tactical Knives and Collector's knives. The international success of our product range as well as the long tradition of our Knife Manufactory are both an incentive and an obligation for us to design and manufacture high-quality and innovative knives in the future as well. We make high demands on ourselves, our knives and the way we produce. With high quality standards, innovative power and passion for details, our knifemakers will continue their work. SKU: 112525WBB--- 89.95 -CARBON STEEL TRAPPER W/ BROWN WASHBOARD BONE. SKU: 117474BK--- 89.95--CARBON STEEL 4" STOCKMAN W/ SMOOTH BUCKSKIN BONE SKU: 112525SRB---89.95--CARBON STEEL TRAPPER W/ SMOOTH RED BONE SKU: 112525HH----- 99.95--CARBON STEEL TRAPPER W/ STAG HANDLE
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