Texas Jacks

We are outfitters of the wild old west, heirs to a proud frontier tradition, with headquarters located deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. We cater to the cowboy trade and to folks all around the world who identify with the vitality and romance of our American Western heritage.

Our company's namesake is one of those legendary wild western heroes whose true-life exploits surpass anything imagined by the myth-makers of Hollywood. John Burwell "Texas Jack" Omohundro was the consummate plainsman. He was a scout for Jeb Stuart’s 5th Virginia Cavalry during the Civil War. After the war, Jack fought Comanches and outlaws in Texas and became a cowboy going up the Chisholm Trail with longhorn herds bound for Abilene. He forged lasting friendships with frontier stalwarts including "Wild Bill" Hickok, Ned Buntline and "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Texas Jack served as chief of scouts for the army during the campaigns against the Sioux and Cheyenne. On what is now known as the "Great Buffalo Hunt", he guided such notables as Grand Duke Alexis of Russia and the Earl of Dunraven on the prairie hunts and was widely praised as a horseman and for his expert marksmanship. Texas Jack's list of close personal friends read like the who's who journal of the American western frontier. Texas Jack was featured in the dime novel adventures written by Ned Buntline and joined Buffalo Bill on an eastern theatrical tour starring in the 1st frontier stage production in 1874 titled "The Scouts of the Plains". Through the decade of the 1870's Texas Jack divided his time between show business and guiding for the cavalry or hunting parties out West. He died in the mining boomtown of Leadville, Colorado, of consumption (TB) in the summer of 1880, one month short of his thirty fourth birthday, fearless to the end. There would be many "Texas Jack" wannabes and copies to come forth but Omohundro was the original and only…

In honor of that valiant breed to which Texas Jack belonged, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of fine clothing, leather goods, saddles, spurs, firearms and other related items designed and hand-crafted in the authentic styles of that long ago time when the West was still wild, and so too the men who accepted its challenge. Texas Jack’s is the premier cowboy action superstore, sometimes called "The Greatest Store on Earth." The store abounds with 1870's cowboy gear both new and original. The store also serves as the Cimarron Fire Arms Co. show room so there is always a large stock of cowboy firearms on hand to fill your needs. Elk, deer, antelope, and buffalo mounts adorn the walls much as would be in an 1880's mercantile emporium. The store is housed in the old livery stable and forge which was originally constructed in 1889. The livery once served as stage line stop for fresh horses or repair for the stage headed from San Antonio to Llano..

The owners of Texas Jack’s are long time SASS supporters and SASS life members. And have sponsored SASS , End of Trail, SASS matches across the USA, and Cowboy Action shooters since 1987, bringing the sport to Texas in 1988, were instrumental in the start up of two of the largest clubs and two of the most successful annual matches in the state. They were presented the SASS ‘Spirit" award in 1998 for their ongoing efforts and have received honorary life memberships from NCOWS and the TEJAS PISTOLEROS.