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1883 Double Barrel Deluxe Shotgun 12 ga 28"

1883 Double Barrel Deluxe Shotgun 12 ga 28
Fast, reliable and sure, the old side by side has long been the favorite shotgun with many traditional shooters. From the days of the earliest scatterguns to today's sportsmen and competitive gunners, the double-barreled shotgun remains among the all-time favorites. By the early 1880s, exposed sidehammer shotguns were being phased out in favor of the faster, internal-hammered doubles, due to the automatic cocking of the hammers when the barrels are snapped shut. Whether used for hunting, law enforcement, guarding a stagecoach...or making a quick withdrawal from a bank, the hammerless double scattergun was the choice of gunners in the twilight of the Wild West. Cimarron's 1883 model, available with either the broad "beavertail" type forearm or the sleeker splinter forend, and in your choice of 12 gauge or the .410 bore, our 1883 model can be had with 22-inch, 26-inch or 28-inch, blued barrels and receiver, single trigger and trigger guard, and a handsome walnut stock with a thick rubber butt pad. This is one classy shotgun for those side by side shooters who love the traditional blued steel and fine wood firearms!
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