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1876 Centennial Rifle 45-75, 28" Octagon Barrel

1876 Centennial Rifle 45-75, 28
Originally dubbed the "Centennial Model," because of its introduction during America's 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence from British rule, and featured at Philadelphia's Centennial Exposition, this enlarged version of the famed 1873 Winchester was designed to handle stronger loads than its predecessor. With nearly 64,000 made from 1876-1897, the big '76 was one of the few lever-action rifles used by the buffalo hunters. It was a favorite with many big-game hunters of the era and was a favorite with future president Theodore Roosevelt. The big rifle was also used by such noted frontiersmen as Tom Horn, during his early career, and John "Liver Eating" Johnson in his later years. Not restricted to America alone, the 1876 model saw service in a number of other frontiers such as Canada, South Africa, China and the Hawaiian Islands. The 1876 Centennial Rifle and Carbine are both great historical replicas inspired by originals in the Cimarron antique collection! Our 1876 Centennial models could easily pass for genuine 19th century firearms. Available in the 28-inch octagonal-barreled, rifle configuration or the unique, full-stocked '76 Crossfire carbine with its 22-inch round barrel, as featured in the TNT movie Crossfire Trail. The Cimarron '76 is chambered in authentic Centennial Rifle calibers,.45-60, .45-75, or .50-95, and is finished in a Standard Blue barrel, tubular magazine, barrel band and fore-end, with a color case hardened receiver, lever, trigger, hammer and butt plate. The 1876 Centennial model was a true frontier favorite!
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