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1861 Navy Military Cut For Stock .36 cal., 7 1/2"

Considered by many as the most attractive of the percussion revolvers, the 1861 Navy is a streamlined version of the 1860 Army model, but with a 7 1/2-inch barrel, rather than the army model's 8-incher. This .36 caliber six-shooter wears the '51 Navy's roll engraved naval battle between the Texas and Mexican navies, and although only 38,843 were produced between the years of 1861-1873, it found favor with all who used it throughout the War Between the States and on the Western frontier afterwards. General George Custer owned a pair, and New Mexico U.S. Marshal A. Cutler packed an ivory-stocked '61 Navy. Cimarron's 1861 Navy has kept the looks and heft of the originals. Offered in Standard Blue, Charcoal Blue (both with color case hardening), or our distinctive Original Finish, the '61 Navy civilian model with the brass back strap, or the 4-screw military model with the blued back strap and cut for a shoulder stock, Cimarron's 1861 Navy revolver is one that any cap-and-ball sixgun enthusiast would be proud to show off!
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