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1851 Navy London

From riding with noble 600 in the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava's "Valley of Death" or fighting alongside her majesty's troops in India's Sepoy Mutiny, to exploring the uncharted regions of "Darkest Africa," the 1851 Navy Colt, was a favorite with adventurous Englishmen during the height of Great Britain's colonial might. When introduced at London's Great Exhibition in 1851, this .36 caliber, six-shot revolver made such a hit with British subjects that Col. Samuel Colt set up operations in London to answer their demand for a reliable, straight-shooting sidearm. The '51 London Model Navy is unique from its American cousin in that it features a color case hardened back strap, and oval trigger guard, rather than the American model's brass version, and Cimarron Fire Arms has copied this London Navy in detail! Like the original it wears the traditional blued, roll engraved cylinder with the naval battle scene depicting Texas' navy's victory over the Mexican navy, a 7 1/-inch octagon barrel and trigger, along with the traditional color cased loading lever and hammer. It also sports the brass bead front sight and the notched hammer rear sight, as well as the handsome varnished, one-piece walnut grips, just like the Navies carried by Queen Victoria's famed red jacketed fighting men.
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